Saturday, September 25, 2010

POST n. 1!

So here goes:
after 5 years of full time -life consuming job , I've had enough
 I quit, changed house,  moved my son to another school, trying to get bad karma and nasty  influences out and a new wave of fresh air in!  It's not easy to re-learn everything, from cooking to housekeeping, and having chosen to take care of EVERYTHING  on my own, I don't have housekeepers anymore to blame or to nag about.
It's just me, and my  husband and son. Just three.  Two pretty funny guys, the BIGUY  and the Littleguy. Ops sorry forgetting the two hairy creatures wich infest our house. Yes, we own two ex stray cays. A boy and a girl.  I'll get a pic of them as soon as the stand still long enough.
 It's Saturday and while I start writing, my husband is food shopping with a pretty long list in his hands and keeps ringing me  for updates: "Only cauliflower, no cabbage!" Oh great ... there goes my Irish recipe day! I will try this soon !  Littleguy,  my great 8yr is just starting to "try" food. After years of nannies cooking him the same thing day after day....I am on a quest for having him try as many different thing I can. I can!