Thursday, October 28, 2010

Driving Miss Mommy

So I'm learning to drive. Why I don't have a driving licence at the age of ** (NOT telling!) is a long story, I'll make it short by telling why I've finally decided. I'm just so sick and tired of asking for rides, waiting for late people in the cold and need more independence. I've been doing just fine wih public transportation up to now, but trying to walk in high heels, with grocery, a school backpack and an umbrella on a ridiculous sidewalk, in the rain, holding your son's hand is just not fun anymore.
I passed the quizzes just fine, but now I gotta get driving practice. I always knew it wasn't easy to drive in Rome, and today I found out why. BigGuy decides he could spare some time this morning, so we headed off in the morning traffic. It was a stop-n'go every second. My leg hurts from the clutch pedal (I hope this driving stuff won't affect muscles only on one would be awful) but we got to destination ok. Ok means the car went off just a couple of times, and no one was harmed. Had a coffee, then BigGuy tells me he's running late for a business meeting so we gotta head back home and yes, I'll have to drive home too. Motorcycles everywhere, cops, ambulances, old folks on bikes...where is everyone going! Just stay home!
Maybe the amount of caffeine, the sun, wrong shoes or what ever it was, but at 2 minutes from home, I step on the brake to hard an a car crashes into us. Great. Out comes a short santa-look-a-like, with the whole beard thing going, a french beret and a little scarf around his neck. Clearly a painter. An old nice cute painter which just excused me, patted my arm and gave us his card. Come by for a coffee, he offered. Or chamomile.

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