Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forgot the FurryGuys!

I told you about BigGuy, LittleGuy, but I totally forgot my other two housemates! Part of our family since 2008, Grisman arrived as a small black hairball, two big bat-like ears and the  bad habit of sucking on your clothes. He probably didn't have enough time with his mommy, and came   from an animal shelter. He's know a six-kilo chubby guy. But he 'll still suck on your clothes.
If you're wondering, his name means nothing at all, Littleguy made it up, sounded good and  just stuck.

Second arrival to the family, Luna. She has a sad story, beaten 'till her tail broke, her kittens were taken away from her as soon as they were born, and she was thrown, in bad shape, into the same shelter Grisman came from. She's pretty, and loudmouthed.

Here they are just beeing basket cases.

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