Friday, October 8, 2010

Home made ravioli di carne (meat ravioli)

Walkin around the local market today I was breathing in the delicious smells of hot bread, cakes, and much more (no, not the fish, it's unbearable in the morning) and walked in front of the cheese spot, where white, pure and fresh, sat a big ricotta cheesecloth.  Ricotta has a pretty neutral taste, so you can use it in cakes, or in ravioli.
I had a one moment thought, walked in and bought enough to make tortelli, then asked the shopowner if  at the market I could buy the shapes for making ravioli, bought it  and went home happy. 

I made the broth with: 
 chicken, one zucchina, one carrot and guanciale (wich is pig's cheeck, very similar  for taste to bacon...just fatter! )
I had that cook for an hour, then processed all that for about 30 seconds, added also the ricotta and put it aside for the stuffing. 
 For the pasta itself, for 3 people, I used 300 grams of flower and  10 grams of extravirgin olive oil, and 3 medium eggs.  Worked  it well for about 5 minutes. Then I opened the box with the  ravioli shape, inside there was also a small rolling pin.

 Wich broke, almost immediately.  Made a great deal did'nt I?

I layed the pasta on the shapes, stuck the stuffing in (not more than a teaspoon)  and then covered it up with more pasta.

Rolled the (broken) little rolling pin a few times, then took out the big, non-cut ravioli out of the shape. 

I'm not going to say they came perfect (  put too much stuffing in some) or that it was an easy afternoon  (Two fell on the floor and could not be saved) but the worst part was cleaning up. You do know how eggs stick, right?  Well my wooden kitchen counter needed a looong scrub to remove everything at the end. 

But they look cute. And hopefully good. 

I made a very simple sauce with olive oil, onion, tomato and cream.  Cooked the ravioli for 10 minutes, and then covered them in sauce. Didn't have time for a picture, the Guys wolfed them down! Will repeat the recipe!!

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