Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Month's UPS and downs...and codfish

My first month as a blogger. Sometimes I was into writing more than I had the time for. Sometimes I wouldn't even turn on my computer.
Sometimes I wanted to take pictures of thing I was cooking, but had already brought it  to the table. And started eating !
 Once I made a beautiful (and delicious!) cake. But couldn't find my camera. So it got eaten, no pics, no post. But a full tummy!
 It's not a job for me, but a fun moment in which I feel I want to share something I made, and for the only purpose of EATING it , or bringing it to friend's house for dinner.
Talking of which  I have to come up with some  really good cake or dessert  to bring over to my new friend's house, she's been talking about this dinner for a while. She's brazilian, and I found out that over there codfish is one of the important bases of meals. I just tried codfish this summer for the first time (OMG my mouth is watering... it's only 11,20 am!!) deep fried in batter and I must admit I adore it. In Italian calling someone  baccala' (codfish) is usually associated with not beeing very smart, or not knowing how to act in different occasions.... I know italians are wierd. So I never even  WANTED to eat this fish.
I've been missing out on a lot of things 'cause of their name. How silly is that? 
 Back to my friend L., she lured me into this dinner by promising codfish. Brazilian style. Can't wait.  Must find something yummy.

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