Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marmalade pies - chestnut and apricot

Tonight we're DAD-Less. He's out for work, and me and Littleguy have dinner very early whan he's not around. I had  Littleguy help me make two marmalade pies, one with apricot marmalade homemade from my friend's polish wife, and the other with cheastnut marmalade, wich I adore. And the guys hate, so I made a  one-man-pie.
 (crema di marroni in italian)
(Albicocche in italian)

The little stars  are stolen from Littleguy's favourite cereal,  I did not make those!
This is how I made the dough:
 Peel one lemon, processes it for  10 seconds real high, then add 80 gr of sugar, 130 gr of margerine, 300 gr of flower, 1 egg and one egg yolk,  and one spoonful of baking powder.  Littleguy made the "worms" as he called the dough stripes, in fact it looks like a woven basket, more than a pie.

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