Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BROCCOLI tonight!

Well yes, mea culpa, my 8yr old has NEVER eaten broccoli.  Maybe I'm concerned 'cause he's my first (and only, for now) child,  and I don't have a wide experience, or maybe   memories of my childhood  come back when he stares at his plate in disgust.  I remember sitting silently through  meals staring at veggies or moving them around in my plate hoping the zucchini  would  magically dissapear, or the peas would  evaporate if I rolled  them fast enough around the plate.

So I really never forced him, or in any case DID'NT HAVE TIME to sit through meals for hours trying to convince him he'd like them. And, we all know, you change your likings as you grow.

Here is Littleguy. Before the broccoli... taking a rest before facing broccoli for supper.
Well he actually DID like them,  steam cooked  with lemon, oil and salt.
 Liked them means he ate TWO.

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